About Us


We’ve sat on your side of the table. We understand the pains of dealing with traditional agencies, and the goals that drive your decisions. That’s why at June Commerce, we believe in:

We aren’t a “one-size-fits none” type of digital marketing agency. We won’t try to fit your business into our processes, because your business is unique. We take time to learn your business so we can make informed decisions. You aren’t one account out of hundreds or thousands. We limit the numbers of businesses we work with so you get what you pay for: direct access to the person/people working on your account, an outstanding level of commitment to your success and the attention your account deserves.

We are an open book, and some may say we “over communicate”. That’s because we want you to know exactly what it is we’re doing for you. We take time to help educate our clients on industry best-practices and strategies we use, as well as provide detailed reports that show you what you care about. If something isn’t working, we will tell you! Unlike what other agencies might tell you they have, we have no silver bullet. We have people with superior know-how, honesty, work ethic, and commitment.

Our team truly enjoys what we do. Call us digital marketing “geeks”. We firmly believe that when you enjoy and invest your own time into your profession, you are more committed and put more care into your work, and that translates into better results and better service for your business.

Have you ever played guessing games & wondered about the success of your campaigns, or whether the numbers were right? We understand that results matter, and most advertising is ROI-focused. We provide detailed, regular reports, and explain them in simple terms so you’ll never be guessing about the success of your campaigns again.

Our Services

We believe the best approach is a well-rounded approach, but no customer is too small. Here is some of what we do:

Search Engine Optimization

Professional, white-hat (legitimate) SEO tactics to help get your business found online and drive high quality traffic to your website.

Reporting / Analysis

Analytics, reporting, phone call tracking, and lead tracking – all measured in a way you can understand that directly relates to your long-term profitability. Never wonder what your money is (or isn’t) doing for you.

Pay-Per-Click Optimization

Show highly targeted, optimized ads in the top positions on Google & Bing to potential customers who are searching for your product or service.

Website Management

Keep your website updated, secured, optimized, and backed up for visibility and performance that make for a great user experience.

Online Reputation Management

Our review-building product, review.camp, can help your company win more business by preventing potentially negative reviews and automatically building 5-star reviews from your customers.

Website Design

Our websites are designed to be visually appealing, optimized for conversions, look good on desktop or mobile, and easy to maintain.

Email Marketing

Build a list, increase your customer retention, promote your products & services, and stay connected to your customers through email marketing campaigns.


Have something custom that needs done? We have experience in several different industries, and we can implement & manage your different advertising programs. Just get in touch, and we’ll show you how we can help.


Some of the industries we specialize in:

  • David G.Partner

    "June Commerce has been a pleasure to work with. We went through many disappointing experiences with others before finding them, and we're happy we did! They've helped us grow our practice and they keep us in the loop. We finally understand how our online marketing dollars are being spent and we know the positive impact those dollars are having on our bottom line."

  • Mark B.President

    "I like being able to speak directly to the person responsible for my account results & work done. They're very responsive & clear on everything they do, and always have the answers I need."

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